If London’s calling, you need to make your
move a smart one.

We’ll equip you with all the info and insights to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re arriving from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand or Canada - we’re here on the ground to make your life a lot easier.

London has always been an exciting place to be. Come to this city for career progress, culture, world class projects, and be on the doorstep of Europe.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are a few kind comments from our friends

From New Zealand

We came across Lydia’s details on Linkedin and found her a Project Manager role within TfL.

Matt, Aaron, Moira and the team at Pave are without a doubt the best recruiters I’ve worked with. Since being made redundant from COVID last year, I’d been in contact with a plethora of recruitment companies and continuously let down with a lack of communication and inability to match my skill set with job roles.

Pave were the only ones who went above and beyond, making me feel as though I wasn’t just a name on a CV. They made sure they really knew what I was looking for, what my job experience meant opportunities wise, and presented roles that matched my skill set perfectly. Because of Pave, I landed a fantastic job that utilised my existing skills whilst helping me to develop and broaden other skills.

With so many recruiters these days focused on ‘filling the role’, without much thought to the human side of recruitment, Pave have set themselves apart as a company that listens to understand and appreciates the value of open communication.

It’s clear they really care about their work and I have no hesitation in recommending them to either job-seekersor employers.

From South Africa

Tanika arrived in the UK from South Africa in November 2020. We matched her to a contract role for a few weeks while she familiarised herself with the London market. We then helped her to shift into a permanent civil engineer role at a top consultancy.

I remember how friendly and relatable Matt was on first contact, and literally every single interaction after that. The Pave team pay attention to who you are, what you are looking for and treat you like a part of their team rather than a statistic.

I appreciate that once I was placed in a role, Pave still made contact to ensure both myself and my employer were happy. Stephanie always answers all my questions and makes sure everything runs smoothly in the Pave office, so I don’t have to worry about a thing.

I am grateful to have such an amazing team in my career corner!

From Canada

Will returned to London after spending time back home in Canada. We helped Will to land a contract role with a Tier 1 contractor, before transitioning to a permanent role with the same company.

When I first moved to the UK from Canada, I underestimated the difficulty of finding any job, let alone one in my field of project management. I applied for hundreds of jobs through various recruiting agencies. It was clear they had not even bothered to read my resume; they were only trying to meet their quota of applicants rather than helping me find employment.

An old colleague of mine put me in touch with Pave Recruit, and my job-hunting experience changed. I sent a resume over, and within a few hours they had reviewed it and given me a call. We had a good, meaningful chat about my experience and what I was hoping to achieve. I could tell they cared about helping me find employment both in my field and close to home; not the easiest task. By the next day, Pave Recruit was back on the phone with a potential position. It ticked all the boxes, the specific field was what I wanted, the location was right, and it would bring a tremendous opportunity for my professional growth.

Pave Recruit went above and beyond to help. They acted as a liaison with my future employer, helped me with interview prep, and even negotiated a better employment offer for me. I’ve now been working in my new position for over a month, and I can confidently say I would never have found an employment opportunity as good as this without their help.